About Our Business

Thinking of Going Mobile Truck Animation

TLD Concepts, Inc. was incorporated in 1995 with the goal of providing motorized solutions for the growing mobile medical industry and has been a behind the scenes provider of medical mobility for the nation’s leaders in Mobile Ophthalmic Lasers and Samsung Mobile Computed Tomography, Sightpath Medical and Agiliti Medical, Dornier Lithotripsy and other mobile service providers.

We realized that the medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.’s) and their customers needed a solution that would allow the introduction of access to state-of-the-art procedures to under served markets.

Many of the devices, such as Computed Tomography Lithotripters, LASIK Surgery Lasers, Mammography equipment, Ultrasound, etc., are large, heavy pieces of equipment. Many require impact and vibration damping, such as air ride suspension, to minimize service problems as a result of having been transported in a truck or van.

TLD also designs and manufactures custom drive systems for hospital patient transport, such as specifically for the Bariatric Industry. We work with manufacturers of these products to provide a solution for the increasing need to transport patients weighing 400 to 1200 LBS in a safe manner for both operator and patient. Our drives can be designed to retro-fit existing products, as well as be installed during the assembly process at the O.E.M. facility.

TLD offers products to mobilize medical and industrial equipment weighing in the range of 200 to 3000 lbs. Our approach is to design a custom platform for each customer that will provide custom motorization, air ride suspension, integral vehicle tie-down provisions, joystick and wig-wag controllers (for ease of movement by an individual), built in charging and diagnostic capabilities. We manufacture the complete system ready to install. Our products are self-contained systems on which the client’s machine is attached, using only pre-existing O.E.M. bolt holes. We do not change or modify the design of the machine in any way. The UltraDrive™ is supplied as an add-on device.  A fully intergrated Drive system can also be designed with the cooperation of the OEM manufacturer of the medical devices.

In this way we do not impact FDA approvals. We further offer installation options and ensure that training, service, and parts are always available through our technical support team.

What Does This Do For Me, The Employer?

As an employer of highly skilled professionals, you have a duty to keep them safe, and in a stress free work environment. The use of the UltraDrive™ and SideWinder™ technologies can help to reduce overall muscoskeletal on the job injuries. The reduction is seen as a proactive step by your Workmens Compensation Insurance provider. Every proactive step that you take towards ensuring that your technicians are safe on the job and helps to reduce your cost of providing these services LONG TERM!